Wednesday, October 07, 2009

storyboard time

i've been playing around with story boards, i've seen so many great websites recently that do really cool things with story boards so because i was such a keen bean i researched it on saturday night (my excuse was that it was raining outside and i was re-discovering surfing on the internet because i recently got internet installed at my place! yay!). anyways, so the first story board i did was of my friends little daughter. isn't she adorable? 

next story board i did was of my bf's nephew. cute little thing, i did a couple of them. oh i need to say i have been going to this great blog - coffee tea photography to look at their tutorials and they provide great templates and actions to download for free! Running actions save so much more time when doing story boards, think of them as macros that you would run to automate steps. all you need to do is plug in the pictures in the alloted spaces. anyways here are my next attempts: 

This one is not really a story board, but i like the idea of polaroids so i tried that out. i also used a paper texture as background. i am loving textures at the moment, will blog about that tomorrow. doesn't sound exciting, but its quite interesting....well i think anyways.

Last but not least is my sister malinda with her bling. on our most recent excursion to look for her wedding dress we stopped off to have lunch at balmoral. i thought it was an opportune time to get some shots of the bling. a bit rainy that day, but i like the clear umbrella ella shots.

off to bed i go, hi ho. 


Marissa said...

Story boards tell a story right. So the umbrella in the last story can be interpreted as a protective barrier from the sprinkling (or deluge) or wedding admin/organisation woes -- but coffee makes it all good.

sime said...

I am a fan of the story boards as it allows more context and action sequencing to be drawn into the photos.

Also, children have such varied expressions - so animated. They make good subjects of photos.

mindy said...

Marissa - or is it that coffee makes everything better, even the rain? i think so given i am up at 2am

Sime - I agree about kids, they are less inhibited and don't care about having a camera in their face. Adults should be more like children in that repsect.

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