Friday, October 02, 2009

Wheels keep on turning...

Sydney - Wharf Area (3), originally uploaded by mindy_w.

So loosely am i connecting the above picture with the subject of the post. I was so psyched to get cable broadband installed at my place today - giggling like a school girl psyched. when did i get so addicted to the internet? it offers so many different things
- ability to download tv shows that air in america to get it 'first' in australia - i am loving vampire diaries btw.
- ability to read interesting world news - i love the website AND how i found it was through google's fun website This totally satisifies the people of x and y generations, that like to 'flip' or 'channel change' within 3 seconds if it does not hold their fancy.
- ability to learn different things, everyone is so willing to share information. i have learnt so much and am always surprised at people's ability to be so open about things on the internet. i guess it still feels like you are anonymous
- ability to keep in touch - as sad as it sounds but i am thankful for twitter and facebook - without these mediums i would not know what my friends are doing. sad, but true.

i believe i am using dashes too much.

anyways, this was taken at the Rocks near the Sydney Dance Company. I will be experimenting with photoshop next couple of days and delving in the world of photoshop 'actions' - excitement plus!

happy long weekend readers!



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