Friday, October 09, 2009

My foray into textures

2009-06-28_0351---antique-multiply, originally uploaded by mindy_w.
Hi All,

It's currently 2am. i am not asleep because i am blogging. i might be obsessed. but i might be still adjusting to the daylight saving. anyways, id like to share with you my thoughts on textures.

I had no idea what textures were 3 days ago, but i found out from reading different websites and even looking at the flickr group about textures (flickr website). The concept is quite easy, you take your photo and then you place on top of your photo a 'texture' and then you blend the texture into the photo. In the above photo, i used an 'antique' looking texture and then used the blending mode of 'multiply' in Photoshop Elements.

Here are some other examples i have done using different textures

Here i have used a letter type texture, a light texture and a heart texture. Which one looks best? 

Here is one that i did on a nice looking daisy - i used a metallic/rustic type texture and overlayed using 'colour burn' in photoshop elements. 

Here is one that i have blogged previously, but i overlayed it with a golden rustic texture to bring out the urban feel and i think it looks more afternoon-y 


Last one, this was at the wall cafe in surry hills. I used two textures, one was a thick lined paper and the other was a coffee stained paper and i overlayed it with multiply i believe in photoshop. 

Anyways, I am getting to the point now where I am blog stalking a lot of photoblogs - i think the number is getting up to 70. There are a lot of talented people out there, mainly in the US. I think its because they have more probability of talent due to sheer numbers.

Just a thought - anyways, enjoy the weekend all!



Hoa said...

i really like your last photo... with it's textures.. and stuff. makes me feel like that particular table was built for copious reading and writing. have a good weekend mw!

sime said...

I like the daisy and cafe shot. They look like they were printed in a book on some thick paper. The cafe shot looks like something printed in 1970's book which has faded a little.

mindy said...

hoa - maybe you should go visit that coffee place in surry hills - you can get more blogging done (free wireless!)

sime - thanks, textures = fun!

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