Monday, October 12, 2009

Where does the weekend go?

Balmain Storyboard, originally uploaded by mindy_w.
i have no idea where some weekends go, why are they so damn short. i guess i'm so knackered during the week that i waste my weekends sleeping. the extent of my laziness is staggering. i convinced myself that because the clouds were grey and it was 3:30pm that i was in no state to go running. i opted for sitting in front of my tv and watching
- new episodes of vampire diaries (its getting better!)
- new episodes of anime series darker than black (really good btw)
- old skool - v. funny, vince vaughn is hilarity it self.
- get smart - surprisingly good, anne hathaway was not as annoying as i thought she would be and steve carrell played a v. believable maxwell smart.

anyways, this story board was last weekend when i could be bothered getting off my butt and doing something in the lovely balmain region. so many lovely little gems in there. if you get a chance, you must visit Adriano zumbo! yum-o-licious if you are a chocolate fiend! yes, fiend.

some other happy snaps of friends and the general inner west area. i love the inner west.



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