Friday, January 29, 2010

Breakfast: Baffi & Mo

We ventured out to Baffi & Mo at Redfern a few months ago, and it is only now that I am uploading the photos. I found about this place when i was reading the timeout review about Sydney's best places for breakfast. I am determined to try all off them, not great my for waist line...but i figure breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

So i got a regular mocha to start things off, only to discover that had a gianormous size which I obviously had to get. it was v. yummy. i forgot to find out what beans they used....but easily top 5 coffees i've had in Sydney. oh, maybe top 10. 

Whilst waiting for the food, we had a myriad of newspapers and magazines to occupy ourselves with although I opted to take funny pictures of Simon and our surroundings. 

If only Simon had a moustache in this photo, would have been perfect. 

Then the food came, oh boy it was good. I went for the Eggs Baffi with roasted mushrooms, feta, spinach and hollandais. Those mushrooms were so divine!! Simon had the one pan eggs, with bacon, chorizo, tomato, mushrooms and rocket.

 All in all, I think one of the best breakfast places I've been to in Sydney. Excellent food, good service and reasonable prices I thought. It's quite small and was busy when we went so be prepared to get in early or wait for a table.... below shot was taken in the 5 minutes the space next to us wasn't taken.

Anyways, the plug: 
Baffi & Mo
Address: 94 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016 
Phone: 8065 3294

happy eating.


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