Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Wong (+others) Christmas

Hi ya'll, 

It has taken me ages to sift through the hundreds of photos taken on Christmas day to give you a recap of what happened on that rainy but eventful day in Sydney. This will be lengthy!

Started off visiting the bf's family and exchanging gifts.. I received so many lovely things! My most prized gift was the new lens that the bf got me! All the photos from Christmas has been taken with my new Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 macro lens. eek! Also to stop me giving up on golf, I received a bag of used callaway balls so I don't feel bad about losing them in water traps. From my family, I received a crumpler camera bag and a gorrilapod tripod. Photo of my feet was just coz...

Then went back home to pick up the meat for the dinner BBQ (twice), then exchanged gifts with my immediate family and also shar, wayne, gregan & simon participated. I don't think i've ever seen our Christmas tree this full...someone was v. original with their 'Happy Birthday' wrapping.

Marissa got stacks! shirt, dvd box set, clothes, dvd player, wine & crumpler laptop bag

Malinda & Lan not so much, an IOU voucher for a BBQ  and wine

 Mum & dad will be getting clothes....

Simon received clothes 


Shar received band hero and guitar hero 5 which we proceeded to play that night and also sneakers that i didn't get a good photo of...

Wayne received a wii fit, a bulldogs badge?, a toliet brush?, clothes and other stuff i don't remember.

Cousins started arriving so we fired up the bbq and started feating away ...feasting started at 4 and finished at around midnight...each family brought a dish and we also had meat and we had way too much food as per usual. Malinda made some yummy eaton's mess for dessert and mum also made mango pudding which was delish!

After finishing the first round of food we launched into Evil Kris Kringle. After 20 minutes of debate around what the rules were, we finalised that a present could be stolen up to 8 times. On the 8th time, the present is no longer allowed to be stolen. 

We all chose a card, and we somehow decided that we would use big 2 rules to determine what is the lowest and highest cards. of course i picked up a 3...

I went first and I picked up an ipod docking speaker thing, and this got stolen immediately by shar. Sylvia picked up some monkey door hangers and Gary picked up the hotly contested brita water filter jug and scratchie. Needless to say the ipod speaker and water jug were both stolen up to 8 times...

Malinda went next and she picked up a Women's Weekly cook book and lollies and Marissa got a Pink set filled with nice smelling candles and scent infuser ...i think. That was stolen by Wayne.

Then it was a good 10 minutes worth of stealing after this point, mostly around the ipod speaker and brita filter jug. Always Olivia who lost out...sorry oli. final winners - ali got the ipod speaker and marissa got the brita filter jug.


Gregan patiently waited for his turn and picked up a photo frame with Guy Sebastian and Lan plastered on it. Lan offered to autograph the photo but was turned down with that offer. It's funny that Olivia & Wayne are so interested in the opening of the present.

Lan was quite unlucky, he got his gift stolen 3 times. In the end he stole the air hockey table off me and I stole from Rachel. Gary ended up with pop out speakers for your laptop, Shar picked out a Fred Hollows donation.

Rachel ended up with body shop range of goodies aimed at travellers after I stole her scent infuser

After opening the presents, eating more we then hunkered down for some game playing: Buzz, Guitar Hero, Band Hero, Singstar, Magic Mic, Mahjong & Poker. I think it's safe to say that anyone who tried to play the drums for Guitar Hero or Band Hero struggled. except for Shar.

Suffice to say, people were occupied...

Unfortunately for Wayne, he was not 'Poker King' as his shirt said he was.
Although the funniest thing that night was the karoke session we all had to participate in. Each person had to pick something from the magic mic and entertain us all. My uncle being the most entertaining as he was serenading his wife. Although no one sounded as good as Sylvia when she sang. 

A very fun Christmas to end 2009, glad I could catch up with my cousins. Last photo is random, marissa insisted I take a picture of her grotesque toe and the toliet roll is just really random from crumpler.  

Hope everyone else had a relaxing and fun Christmas!



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