Monday, August 24, 2009

Vivid ala Sydney

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Vivid - Argyle St - Bridge (2), originally uploaded by mindy_w.
I first got my Nikon D90 and i thought to myself, self - let's go out and take some photos. i was a bit scared and a bit shy whipping out the camera in its new-ness and taking photos. especially since you had all these people around also with their big cameras, bigger camera bags and tripods. some people even had those remote triggers, like what you see in movies when they have detonators! anyways, off the point - i was shy and still am shy when i am unleashing the camera. i feel a bit self conscious and hope that people don't think i am too voyeuristic or stalker-ish.

This was at the Rocks, underneath the bridge and it was a v. cold June night in Sydney. As I recall it was Friday night because we passed Argyle (which might i add is better than Ivy) and there were heaps of people outside waiting to get in (mostly guys).

Anyways, this is a hand held slow shutter speed shot - that's why you get the taxi whizzing past and see the lights from there. I also like how there are lights in the background because they had lights on the trees as part of this Vivid Light Festival. Go Sydney.

Hope you like it!


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