Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The joys of amateur sport and photography

Last week i watched my sisters basketball team in their grand final - i don't happen to know what they're team name is but we had funny signs left from the previous cheering squad so we just used them. There were quite a few 'Explelliarmus' calls when the opposition was at the free throw line in true Harry Potter spirit!

Anyways, it was a pretty interesting game and i was glad that there was quite a big cheer squad on our side the opposition's side. There was heckling involved, which was also quite funny from Clinton. I think the highlights were for me:

1. The buzzer beater at half time to even the score - so exciting especially with the whole crowd counting down. I thought it looked better in black and white because it was a pivotal moment in the game. ha ha.

2. The cheeky steal that Sharlene did when the opposition was just standing there with the ball. Subsequently everyone was laughing about it. We seemed to put nicknames against a few individuals, the girl closest to Marissa is called 'pochy' for pocahontas - clinton is a very creative being. i think it was her long flowing hair. 

3. The hard drive into the hole resulting to an attempted extra basket because Marissa pulled a foul. is that the right term? meh. it resulted in Marissa falling over. I am not sure if she got the extra...let's say she did. good for her. 

4. On the fast break, 3 on 3 with Sharlene taking up the ball. i just like how the team is in focus but the opposition is blurry. And it also looks like they're moving so quickly because theyr'e such a fast team...or i am a slow photographer. 

5. Exciting last few seconds of the game, where we all thought it was over but the team miraculously clawed back a 6 point deficit to a 3 point one through some fine 3 point shooting! At this point our voices were a bit hoarse. Too bad it blew out to a 5 point deficit after some needed fouling but good free throw shooting by the 'ring-in' opposition

6. Nice shot of the ENORMOUS crowd (not saying anyone is fat but in terms of numbers and relative to the 2 spectators that the opposition had).

7. We are TEAM. Took 2 photo so the team, this was the less serious one - but there is a bit of a shine factor - i blame the sweat. good job girls - bad luck for this year - try again next season



Marissa said...

Magic 8'Ballers (but there is 7 of us) is the team name, not Kapow. The crowd was pretty awesome. We shall try to fill the lame stadium the next competition.

sharzy said...

Nice pics, Mindy! :)

mindy said...

Marissa - why 8 ?

Sharline - Thanks!

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