Tuesday, February 09, 2010

He put a ring on it...

Probably won't get the title if you don't know Beyonce's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) song...

Anyways, congrats must go out to Lish & Wiggie for getting engaged last week! Lish being sneaky asked all her friends to guess what the happy news was, I was at first apprehensive as there was no punctuation in my sms to denote if it was a happy "guess what!" or a sad "guess what...". Punctuation does make a difference people. 

V. happy for these two, its been a long time coming but I'm so glad that its 2010 that they have decided to get engaged! Caught up with them at the interesting cafe in Netown Satellite Expresso. Will post more photos soon -ish. 

Couple of photos for the happy couple. Wiggie designed such a beautiful ring, a diamond surrounded by their birthstones. I tried to also capture wiggie's hand in the background. Next shot of the engaged, soon to be 'Wiggies'. Look how the shiny the ring is :) 

nitey nite!


Luis Gomez said...

Great shots. Beautiful ring! Congratulations to them!

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