Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Queensland Summer Holiday: Port Douglas

Hi Ya'll,

I'm starting backwards. What I mean by that is that I'm going to tell you all about my relaxing summer holiday in Northern Queensland in reverse chronological order. We were in Northern Queensland for 6 glorious sun drenched days, well 5 glorious sun drenched days and 1 semi wet day. Some overall stats, coz i love stats:
  • Hours to get to Port Douglas from Sydney: 9 hours (3 connecting flights!!)
  • Km's Driven throughout the trip: 1,000
  • Beaches visited: 3
  • Waterfalls viewed and posed under: 2
  • Mossie Bites Received: >15
  • Hideous Tan Lines: a squillion
  • Average Time we left the house each morning: Midday
Anyways, so this is my post about Port Douglas itself. Port Douglas is a lovely township with a vibrant cafe & restaurant population, dotted with resorts/hotels and golf courses; v. geared towards tourists. Port Douglas main attractions include
  • 4 mile beach (which at this time of year is popular because it is one of the few beaches with netting that protect swimmers from box jellyfish which are prevelant during the wet season)
  • The Look Out - beautiful view of 4 mile beach. Lots of tourists taking lovely pictures, some tourists pretending to take pictures. ha ha.

  • Meridian Marina - 'gateway' to Great Barrier Reef, where  you catch the boats to go out to the reef

  • Fishing off the jetty - we didn't catch anything though...i did see a fish in the water! that was a shame. I think we should have used live bait. It was great to see the boats come in and out though!

  •   We stayed at the lovely Sea Temple at Port Douglas which is right on 4 mile beach. It was such a lovely place. For a few nights we stayed in the penthouse which had its own bbq and jacuzzi area on the roof. Splurging is good.

They have such a beautiful pool!! I don't jump very high do I ?

The view from our balcony

    Eating out at the restaurants and cafes. We ate a few nice places including On the Inlet where you can see fish swimming about right underneath you. They have a huge Groper called George that comes around daily to get a feed. Unfortunately i did not take any pics of the meal we had there due to the rain. We also dined at Salsa a modern australian restaurant that has a nice selection of seafood and meats. When we went we had for entree different styles of salmon, mains, i had the barramundi and simon had the jambalya. I thought their decor was quite interesting, they had plates lining their roof. 

  • I don't remember where we had brekkie that one morning, but we had difficulty finding breakfast places on the Sunday morning. but we did find one place where they served my mocha with an 'm', lucky for me my initials are the same upside down!
So that was Port Douglas, will post on Daintree, Great Barrier Reef and Atherton Tablelands later. 

Happy Hump Day!



Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful post!

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