Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Family's Photos

Hi everyone,

Just got back from the buffet at the Intercontinental. It wasn't as good as I expected, but the oysters were nice and fresh - dessert was disappointing. Perhaps because I ate such scrummy desserts on the weekend! I had a taste for my first Kris Kringle for 2009, we played 'evil' secret santa where you get to steal presents. I ended up with a massager! I was pleased that the present that I bought was a sought after commodity!

Anyways, just wanted to post up some of my favourite shots over the weekend where we celebrated Christmas at Jonah's at Whale Beach.


Middle shot is my favourite and Simon actually shot that one. Really nicely captures the mum and bub in a nice moment. He seemed to really enjoy playing with his car, rabbit and his dad's sunglasses!

I actually really enjoyed Jonah's backdrop, it had a lovely lightness about it and the white walls and light colours that it was decked out in helped in creating a nice dining experience.

Elmo is life sized!

I love that in the first two photos, everyone is fussing over the little one, but then we get our act together and get a nice family portrait. I thought using the jungle gym was cute.

Post more beach shots tomorrow...or the day after....

Let me know what you think about the storyboards!



Hoa said...

I like the last three shots Mindy... for the reason that you said :) Looks like it was a sunny day but asking people to take their sunglasses off might have resulted in a better shot - eyes convey so much

mindy said...

the AYES have it. ha ha. but totally agree hoa. next time gadget

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