Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sydney Wedding - 21/11/09

Hi ya'll, 

So I tagged along with Dexter and his brother from Elusive Photography to see what it was like to be a wedding photographer. It started at 8:30am, i walked out the door and realised that i had left my camera on my table and was carrying a full bag of lenses, flash, food and no camera. good start. 

Anyways, the day started at the bride's apartment where it was already packed with relatives and 'sisters' who was getting the bride ready. Next came the games that the boys had to play to gain entry up to the apartment consisting of the groom having to dress up as a pink fairy and screaming 'i love you' from the ground. Needless to say, it drew a crowd. A few pictures captured tea ceremonies at both bride and groom's places and me experimenting on how to do close up of peonies on the staircase. 

The ceremony was at a lovely church out at waverly where it had lovely large murals and interesting statues lining the ceiling. They had 2 sets of adorable page boys and flower girls with a lot of fussing parents in between. The couple opted for a full mass which was nice, but some of the kids were worn out by the heat. 

We then went to Botanic Gardens to get some shots of the couple, funnily enough Harbour Life was on at the same day so we attracted some attention from passer-byers. Still trying to learn how to NOT get other ppl in the background of my shots. I guess i just need to move more. My feet were at this point in pain - supersoft shoes are not that super soft. 

On to the reception at Sheraton on the Park with a nice quartet playing and a pretty fluid order of activities. Highlight for me was when they played games during the night and watching the little kids on the dance floor wreaking havoc. 

So for my first wedding experience as a non guest taking photos it was quite interesting, I learnt a lot about lighting, composition, settings and generally what skills you need to be a wedding photographer. it was quite a lot to take in one day, but i am glad i survived. thanks again to the boys at Elusive Photographyfor letting me tag along!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

that's all folks! let me know what you guys think!


Marissa said...

Not bad for your first outing. The 'pinkish' photo that you posted up first is probably the best. Perhaps the trick is to come up with more pre-planned poses b/c they seem to produce the best shots. The flash in night time shots need finessing. And I'm not sure that men like pictures of their bald spot.

sime said...

Nice job - I know it's tough as a tag along photographer as you often do not get the best position for the optimal shot, so keep it up. I like the first photo from the previouus post, the 'behind' shot in the church and the shot of the rings (and kids) the best.

mindy said...

good point around the composition and lighting marissa.

i like the first photo too simon.

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