Friday, October 23, 2009


Sydney - Dog Park (1), originally uploaded by mindy_w.

Hi all,

I am starting to warm up to babies and dogs. I was walking through Haberfield the other day, on my way to the Bay Run and there is a Dog Park in Haberfield where all the dogs are free to run around and sniff other dog's butts! Theres also a cafe at the end of the park where dog owners can mingle and their dogs can mingle. Theres also some sort of training ground there for dogs to practise dog tricks.

Here are some snaps. Hope you have a lovely weekend!



Beardsley said...

Pick up one of the printed pieces on this aspect of Rainy Lake history there and get your ticket for the tour. This tracks the spot price of the metal using futures contracts. You will have a very bold Italian inspired centerpiece.

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