Friday, September 18, 2009

What comes around...

Sydney - Paddington (6), originally uploaded by mindy_w.
First thing is first, i went to the gym yesterday and i brought one sock with me. fantastic. i decided to not wear any socks, as wearing one sock would have felt a bit weird.

Second thing is, i've been watching the channel GO (channel 9's HD version), it's pretty good. It has re-runs of good shows like Seinfeld and mediocre shows like The Nanny and then bizarre shows like 2 hours of the Jetsons.

What is funny is that they have a Sunday mid morning episodes of Charlie's Angels and Starsky and Hutch. I, not being of that generation only know of these as movies with famous Hollywood actors of this time; so it is interesting watching where it all started off.

Anyways, this photo was taken at William St in Paddington. I am not sure if the graffati man is suppose to be Bosley...or is it the owner of the convenience store?

Hope everyone has a toasty time in ol Sydney town this weekend!



H said...

thanks! i hope you do as well!

love the random street art :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and i totally don't agree with the "loser" part on your personal description! take it off mindy! no one would say that about you, so you shouldn't either :P

mindy said...

H: it was toasty this weekend wasn't it? i love how summer has come early! random street art is pretty cooool, so creative!

Anon: loser comment was around me trying to be l33t. ha ha. will remove!

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