Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes, you need to drink...

Shots on a Friday Night, originally uploaded by mindy_w.


If you have not noted by now, i am a whiner. i am incapable of action. i am all talk and no action etc etc. i understand this about myself, it stems from my chronic laziness. Something i aim every year to address.

I need a drink. work causes this reaction in me. i was re-watching 'The Matrix - Reloaded' and there was a whole spiel about 'causality' and how things only happen when there is a cause, a why...i.e. cause and effect.

Cause: Too Much Work, Not Enough Time
Effect: Unhappy and Stressed workers = Drinking or Quitting.

What do you think?

Anyways, this shot was taken down @ GPO at a friends birthday. This is THE moment where it goes down the hatchett and you let loose on a Friday night.....i can just imagine it now.



Luis Gomez said...

Love this image!

mindy said...

Thanks ! I like it too!

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