Monday, September 21, 2009

Lovers Lane

Sydney - The Rocks (1), originally uploaded by mindy_w.

Not sure if it was lovers lane, but i like to think so. Sometimes when you see something, it doesn't actually seem like much. More and more, i find that photos only mean something when you associate it with a feeling, a moment or what you thought was happening at that time.

For me, these set of stairs were so normal, sure it had a bit of artwork on the side of a strange little man. But what made this memorable for me that day was a young couple slowly making their way up the stairs. holding their hands tightly enclosed in one anothers, whispering and giggling like they were in their own little word. They stopped, gazed at each and then they stole a kiss and didn't care that they were in public. it was nice.

and no, i am not a voyeur. much.



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