Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cars - Yay or Nay

Sydney - Car Art (1), originally uploaded by mindy_w.

I am a bit bothered. due to the freakish red dust storm, my black honda civic is a film of red all over it. its quite gross.

don't get me wrong, i enjoy my car, its a zipply little thing and i really enjoy driving down a highway doing 80km/ph (or maybe closer to 100km/ph), windows down (i wish i had a convertible but perhaps not today) and singing at the top of my lungs....preferably coldplay. but the maintenance.....oh, the maintenance.

- rego.
- ctp.
- green slip.
- servicing.
- filling up with petrol.
- washing.
- vacuuming.
- uncovering the months of rubbish hidden underneath seats and floor mats

= hassle.

necessay hassle though, without it i would not be able to drive to work or drive back to my parents house for free food.

Anyways, poor little car pictured in the photo. This was at the rocks and i'll add one more pic below of another angle i took. i think the person who created this artwork would be a 'nay' to cars...




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