Thursday, September 03, 2009


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Woman Covered in Paint, originally uploaded by mindy_w.
I am lovin the not so new song by Jordin Sparks 'Battlefield'. Not really agree with 'love is like a battlefield' - i guess only if you do it wrong. One should not be at war with the person they love - perhaps if they were getting divorced.

I am really feeling that life is turning into an emotional and mental battlefield. I run through the gamut of feelings from frustration, fatigue, disbelief and disappointment. It's a war of attrition at the moment, and i am losing.

Anyways, disappointment does not cover what I feel at the moment. But i will not succumb to a 'woe is me' attitude.

This photo is losely linked to this blog, loosely tied to the woman is covered in colours that camouflage her with the backdrop. And just to note, she was not nude.

This was taken at a Photography Exhibition that was held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Lot of fun, lot's of things to see.

I am so lucky she started right down my barrel for this shot.

Enjoy the fight!



H said...

ok, so this is my favourite so far. for a few reasons.. i love the light in this shot.. the left hand side of her face looks flat, almost 2D like, whilst the shadows on the right side gives her face depth against the background.

and the red on her face... they're like wounds. if she was expressing the way that you're feeling in your blog entry, it would have been perfect!

and i hope that things at work improve for you...

mindy said...

Hi Hoa,

Thanks for your comment. Man, you analyse the photo way more than i do. i just thought the paint looked cool :P

I am just venting, i will get over work much like i get over most things.

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